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Our Core Values

We look after one another which enables us to create a bespoke package of care and support for our vulnerable children and young adults.

We motivate each other through action, we take calculated risk, encourage curiosity, learn from mistakes and constantly stride to exceed expectations.

We support each other through times of difficulty, we are aware of our emotional responses as well as the behaviours of others.

We cannot see into the future but we come to work prepared each day to embrace the challenges which are presented. We adapt as required to enable each other, our vulnerable children and young adults to succeed.

We commit to making a difference and seeing things through personally as well as organisationally. We take responsibility for the outcomes we achieve as a team following a robust safeguarding processes.

We provide equal opportunities to all, by being an inclusive employer. We believe everyone has the right to be seen, heard, and valued. This empowers us and deepens connections.

We are proud of what we have achieved. We focus on finding solutions and emerging stronger through growth and development. We are always looking to the future and how we can improve the outcomes of each vulnerable child or young adult.

Vision And Mission

At Nirvana Care we empower vulnerable children and young adults to make changes in their lives to find a place of peaceful happiness in the world.

Nirvana Care Vision And Mission

The Cycle of Contentment

Caring and supporting vulnerable children and young adults to a place of peaceful happiness.

Complex Needs Home

Complex Needs Home

In our complex needs children’s homes, we provide a stable, safe and nurturing home to care for and support vulnerable children and young adults.

Preparation for independence

Preparation For Independence

Through forming meaningful attachments, we use our innovation to create a versatile approach to encourage curiosity and learning opportunities. This enables our vulnerable children to grow and develop their resilience in preparation for their next chapter.

Tailored Packages

Tailored Packages

We look to transition and facilitate change with a tailored package of support enabling vulnerable children and young adults to take accountability for their actions. By having a non-judgemental approach, we encourage everyone to proceed in life with ambition for a meaningful future.