Nirvana Care & Support Hub

Supporting young people to learn to live independently.

Providing Support

For young people leaving the care system.

Providing Homes

Access to a large property portfolio.

Providing Care

High quality, community-based independent living.

We support vulnerable young people with complex needs to live as independently as possible and as part of the wider community.

Nirvana Care and Support Hub specialise in supporting young people with a learning disability, challenging behaviour, ASD, Asperger’s, mental health issues, physical disabilities, victims of domestic abuse, care leavers, young offenders and substance misuse.


Our vision is holistic, embracing not just material needs, but all aspects of a person’s life from health and education to social and vocational skills as well as recreation and leisure. Acquiring the skills and ability to achieve independence on individual terms is a necessity for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

We truly believe no one should ever feel anonymous or insignificant. This is something we hold with such high importance, that no young person ever feels they are unworthy or without value. Our aim is to work through from residential service to solo independence, ensuring continuity of staff and support providing stability as the young person progresses on from each service helping to achieve the best outcome for each individual.

Quality Homes

We understand the need for warm and welcoming housing. All our properties are clean, stylish and secure, available for our clients to relax and socialise. Our properties are properly equipped with everything that is needed to live comfortably. 

Professional Support

Nirvana Care and Support Hub use evidence-based practice and always ensure that the young person’s worker, IRO and placements team are kept up to date on the young person to support them to get the best possible outcome for each individual.

Qualified Staff

Strict and safer recruitment processes are followed. We ensure all our staff are fully qualified and hold enhanced DBS clearance. Training is at the forefront of our ethos and all staff regularly undergo training and meetings to ensure their knowledge is up-to-date. We offer support 24 hours a day.

We offer a range of services to support young people. 

Semi-independent 16+ Service

We pride ourselves in high quality, community-based independent living options for vulnerable young people.

Care Leavers Service

We support young people to learn to live independently in the community so that they can develop their skills.

Housing Services

We are a Kent based independent organisation with access to a large property portfolio.

Residential Services

Our latest project which is a residential service based in Kent focusing on 15 to 18 year olds

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What People Say.

“The support that has been given to my young person whilst he has had health needs has been excellent. Staff have advocated for him and have ensured he has the best care that is available.

The young person has felt supported totally regarding his current health needs. The staff are friendly and approachable and regularly update me on the current situations.

They have redecorated the young person’s room to a good standard and ensure that when he comes home he is comfortable.

Staff are always contactable and liaise with other professionals so ensuring my young person is well supported with his additional needs.”

Senior practitioner social worker
Kent County Council

“I have found the staff to be professional and supportive to both us as PA’s and the young people in their care. When dealing with young people with complex needs, they go above and beyond the call of duty. The staff are highly qualified and trained to react quickly and effectively when dealing with emergencies.

I always receive up to date reports detailing the week’s events and activities. This provides me with a picture of the young person, their interests and areas where we may be able to progress and invest in their future.”

18+ PA Worker
Kent County Council

“The team made a special effort to provide a home to a teenager who had to leave his previous care home due to challenging and risky behaviours. Staff have been flexible with arrangements to ensure that they were ready to welcome him and provide a range of activities to keep him safe and occupied.

There has been good communication on his progress each week, alongside clear and detailed incident reports and telephone discussions whenever needed. There has also been good cooperation with other professionals in the network to support this young person engage in positive next steps.”

Gareth Williams
Social Worker, Hackney

“Although I have worked with nirvana care for a short time, my experience with staff in a professional capacity has been excellent. They have a dedicated team to work with some of our vulnerable and complex young people to meet their needs who are looked after children and those who have been involved in the Criminal Justice System. They have a team who take a keen interest in supporting and taking responsibility to keep our children safe and empower them to develop new skills to make safe as well as positive choices. My clients have learnt to cook, maintain personal hygiene, how to budget, experience new ways of learning in positive activities and choose carer pathways. Staff have accompanied young people to Court, police stations, education meetings, youth offending teams and health meetings or appointments. They also have a stable and decent place for our children to call home from which to build skills they need to progress in their journey to full independence. Staff are very attentive and very good at communicating with professionals to safeguard and manage risks associated with our children, young people and families. Staff maintain excellent professional standards, have excellent working relationships and ethics with professionals and establish a trusted relationship with young people who have experienced significant trauma in their lives.”

YOT Integrated Gangs Unit, Hackney

“Nirvana Care and support have provided supported living for two young people I have referred to the service. Nirvana were able to offer single person placements with the appropriate care and support required. Nirvana have shown the ability to manage risk effectively and take appropriate action to safeguard the individuals they support. Nirvana have gone above and beyond their role to support the young people to achieve their goals and manage risk.

Nirvana care are proactive in liaising and updating involved professionals and advocating for the individuals they are supporting. Nirvana provide monthly reports and update me regularly via email and telephone. I would like to thank the team at Nirvana for the continued support they offer to the individuals they support and positive multi agency working.”

Senior Social Worker
Transition Service, Medway